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Baanrak   Kindergarten


     29 ซอยแสงจันทร์ ถนนสุขุมวิท 40 ก.ท.ม.10110

โทร.392-8807, 382-0069 โทรสาร 381-4269

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Welcome to Baanrak Kindergarten

              Baanrak Kindergarten is a private school accepting students at the Pre Kindergarten through Kindergarten or ages 0-7 years old. We opened the doors for our first intake of students in 1984. For more than 15 years, we have developed instruction to proper children's development and learning. Actually, children have the nature of peaceful, fresh, powerful of creation and enthusiastic all time.

          Our ideas come from Buddhism philosophy and Anthroposophy by Dr. Rudroff Stiner German. Three to five years children are grouped for widen experience and harmony.

          We provide instruction in pattern of "house" that is suitable for 0-7 years of children development. Teacher is a good sample for children to imitate because teacher takes care the children like their mother.

           There are many activities that support the readiness of children such as handcraft, art, cooking and etc.

             We avoid the usage of plastic and replaces by using stone, shell, stick, wood toy, clothes doll, and ceramic kitchenware.

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